With holography you can create all kinds of three-dimensional objects such as people, even company logos or corporate information. These images seem to be floating and it is one of the most striking claims for interactive events, fairs and blinds. Excite and surprise with the technology that most attracts attention and showcases your brand or product in a futuristic way.

Holographic LED fans are the most versatile support for playing content. They are easy to install on a wall or vertical pole, and allow a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees. They create an optical illusion in which the projected object appears to be suspended in mid-air.

Due to its characteristics, it is the most suitable option to represent logos and objects in fairs, stores, or points of sale. Although the image is projected in a two-dimensional way, the receiver sees it as if it were 3D.

Tell us your idea and the Xperiencia Virtual technical team will be able to give you the ideal solution. We can create your 3d hologram starting from flat images. Get the rental of holograms for events and ensure a spectacular event.

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